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        My mother’s mother, Zulima Aviles, is the only grandparent I’ve ever really had. My father’s parents are distant and my mother’s father died when I was 8 years old. I never really knew him. In my time at ICP (The International Center of Photography) I moved in with my grandmother to be closer to school. I’m learned so much more about her and her side of the story about my grandfather. Using her for some of my assignments was good way to get my work done and be able to actually spend some time with my grandmother.

        These photographs are a way to explore the character of my grandmother and a way for me to feel content in our relationship. One day I would like to further this project with exploration of both my maternal grandparents. My grandmother remains my real connection to my grandfather, tumultuous as I may have learned that to be, and he is part of the fuel that flames my fire for photography.

        When I was younger she had given me his old cameras and my only memory of him plays in my head like a photograph. It is an dark image of my grandfather standing by the television, I can remember that he was over, while my grandmother was babysitting, to fix the VCR. As I get older the image fades like an aging photograph. When I was younger I could remember him and the living room, then blackness around him and it was just him and the television, now all I have left is a figure in the shadows. Perhaps one day I will continue working on this project, improving my shooting and approach as well as digging deeper into these familial relationships. 

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