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AFRICA'SOUT! Her Political Body

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I have recently had the pleasure of shooting an event for Wangechi Mutu Studios and her amazing organization AFRICA'SOUT!

In collaboration with Uhai Eashari, AFRICA'SOUT! held a panel discussion called "Her Political Body" at NeueHouse, NYC. The discussion featured 4 amazing women leaders in the realms of visual arts and social justice. On the table was a dicussion of the inherent connection between art-making, activism and social justice. The conversation was lead by Creative Time's Director of Marketing and Communications Donnamarie Baptiste; Wangechi Mutu, world renowned artist, feminist and visionary behind the AFRICA'SOUT! movement, Wanja Muguongo, a prominent queer African feminist and social justice activist, executive director of UHAI EASHRI, Toyin Ojih Odutola, a leading contemporary artist focused on the socio-political concept of skin color through pen and ink drawings and LaToya Ruby Frazier, 2015 MacArthur Fellow, who's work postrays a powerful visual archive addressing the intersection of the steel industry, environmental degradation and the health care system’s physical impact on her community.

It was an honor to be in attendance of such an inspiring and honest discussion taking place during these vital times. It is with some sadness that I do feel the conversations have been going on for deacdes, but it is also with hope that I see more and more awareness and action coming to light and the value of these continued discussions. Art is not change itself, but through art we can certainly create the dialogue and platform for which change may occur.

For more information on these organizations and artists follow the links to their sites!

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