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Welcome to the new website! So, what's Concrete Mush?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

ConcreteMush_ (21 of 32).jpg

This is an image from the series Concrete Mush. It is an ongoing series started with the mushing of a strawberry somewhere in upstate NY. Since then this fun corky project has become an ongoing, near ritual for me. There are moments mundane, without worth of mention. Or so they may seem. We pass by these small sometimes interesting, sometimes gross things on the streets and we keep moving. Whatever the reason, they're there. They either stop us in our tracks or warrant a scoff and we keep it moving. For whatever the reason I stop and I stare and I wonder how did this moment of mush come to be? I admire these odd things in all their random glory. For that moment, someone else's lost ice cream, a lost toy, a deflated balloon that hours ago was the spirit of some party or event, a fallen flower, is my odd city zen, my connection to the many moments that came before and after. For that moment, I can't help but stop and stare.


Do you see all this litter?

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